Denbryonic Productions
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The main contributors to Denbryonic Productions are Denno, Mbryo and Mongreltek (or Derek, Matt and Darren to our mothers). Each of us brings a unique skillset and ongoing solo careers in our respective fields.


Dark and ambient compositions meet a long standing scratch DJ, hip hop producer, metal enthusias and guitarist. Denno produces, records and mixes for a range of vocal and solo artists at Smurf Glow Studio. He has featured on countless independant releases with credits ranging from proudction to mastering and session musician. Denno has toured with the likes of Ice Cube, Xzibit, Method man and Redman, but has yet to invest in the gold grills and foghorn sample that will surely take his career to the next level.


When orchestral meets experimental meets audiovisual meets a man with a superfluous body part and a music degree; then you have Mbryo. His seemingly boundless diversity and creativity has seen him work in fields including TV, stage and film scoring as well as his live work with the immersive, electro art band XIBE8. He is a competent vocalist who has sung on numerous projects, but his composition skills have been the focal point of his career.


Metal guitarist meets breakbeats meets hectic as tekkers bro. There is no better word than mongrel to define the grinding rhythyms, gigantic synths and awesome guitars that have formed a part of his music since the early 90s. While He has been known to shred a hot pink Ibanez, it has since been sanded and resprayed due to extreme peer pressure. But the flamboyance of the guitars is matched by the creative diversity in his catalogue